Welcome to my blog. I am known as Rebecca S.L. White, Author of Romantic and Science Fiction Books. I just discovered the love for writing stories, invent new worlds where you can escape from your daily routine. I like creating a totally new and attractive world where you just can’t wait to get to with every book you read. 

I am the mother of one beautiful young woman and one 8 year-old boy, therefore they are the two main sources of inspiration for me and when I write I create those worlds for them. They are my biggest critics and I take their opinions very serious.

There are my latest 2 books:


A sweet steamy and passionate romance book with a billionaire businessman and an intern doctor;

David Ross
No one wants to be with you if you can’t give them something in return. My ex chose her career over me. Not that there was an actual choice, but it turns out, I didn’t need a woman to make me feel complete.

His Fiery Love

An ancient war is coming and Sloane Richards is unaware that she’s the key to it all.

Fortis is living hell for Sloane and all she wants is to leave everything behind. But the arrival of a mysterious boy with green eyes complicates everything. Adrian is everything Sloane promised herself to not get involved…

I would love to hear your thoughts on them, what do you like and what you don’t like in them. And I would definitely want to know what would you like to find in my next books?

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